Fisheye correction

fisheye correction

Fisheye lens can be over 180 degrees, it can cover a whole room with one single camera, the drawback of it is the highly distorted image. Fisheye correction(FEC) can convert image back to original shape, so the user can easily understand what happened in front of camera. No need of any expensive video processor ASIC, our software FEC provide live corrected video, and it can record both corrected and raw video at the same time, user still have high resolution raw video recorded as evidence. We support any IPCAM platform which can capture and manipulate raw video, currently tested on Hisilicon, VATICS and TI platform.

Panoramic imaging

Panoramic imaging merge and convert multiple image from different angles, produce a combined result. We provide two different methods for different applications. Rotating camera solution rotates camera, create a 360 degrees view of room or street. Multiple camera version support live video merging, used in car parking assistant, called Around View Monitor(AVM). Our software AVM solution support 4-8 cameras on any DVR platform which can manipulate raw video, currently tested on Hisilicon and TI DVR platform.